Ashley Returns in Style


Lest we leave, there has been an often celebrated diva who has been on Playboy and Survivor that has been forgotten. Of class we are referring to Ashley Massaro the onetime Diva Search success who has been peculiarly out of activity for some months always since she was voted out of Survivor. In the last version of RAW, Ashely made a surprise show and victory when she won a lingerie competition over Mickie James, Melina, Jillian Hall and Maria Kanellis. Being out of activity for rather some moment, her triumph was so unexpected considering that new divas who were participating in the match were in best form.

As it turned away, Ashley was the one who was in form after all despite not being involved on the WWE shows. Some may ask it luck, but a gain is a gain. Ashley has never been known to be a better technological wrestler and she thrives on adrenalin and looks to have the work done.

Ashley Massaro

Maria Kanellis Posing for Playboy


We have heard unwilling WWE divas to present for Playboy but obviously, Maria Kanellis that meek lady diva wrestler who has to make on her technological artistry has openly stated that she would be available to posing for the favorite men’s magazine. It seems that Maria is being pushed to be the next superstar diva and among them include that of being Beth Phoenix’ opposition at Wrestlemania.

Now look a hour. Based on past rumors, it was Candice Michelle who was slated to be Phoenix’ opposition. What gives? Apparently, her no display is now becoming an argument in the WWE and nothing decisive has been gathered from where the candy-coated diva. This has paved the manner for Maria to catch the chance although it may be a long-shot for her to don that women’s title on a routine match. We have already seen matches in the past where Maria scarcely showed any signs of being capable to resist the glamazon and the alone manner to possibly go away on side is to have some away assistance or betray to gain.

Maria Kanellis

Michelle McCool forced to date Jaime Noble


So the wager was on and Michelle McCool was forced (or was she?) to see contentious Jaime Noble thanks to a departure by Chuck Palumbo. Michelle McCool has slowly been hogging the spotlight payable to the absence of one influence diva in any of the brands today. While most of the divas are doing their region to occupy upward the vacuum, it seems that Michelle McCool is taking upward another storyline to assist the sagging ratings. Michelle McCool is surely getting headroom but this conversant storyline does not appear to be something original.

She does appear warm but she isn’t that warm to seize the care that new previous divas have done in the past. Something worth noticing is that she does appear like enjoying the fact of dating Jaime Noble, or at least was shown in the last installment. Another reversal in the making? Surely, if it should occur, it will not be a surprise. The WWE storylines have get inevitable and certainly this is something that may happen to arouse upward some stories and of class controversies.

Mickie James Vs Beth Phoenix for Women Gold


Sorry to tell this folks, but you will get to resolve for an onetime women’s defend to dispute the woman mountain glamazon Beth Phoenix for the gold at Armageddon. Basing it on the ratings, this match is considered a reduced visibility match. Divas are merely not performing upward to standards as far as contest and storyline is concerned. It does not get the flash of a Candice Michelle championship match which may not be of more stake to most fans today. Mickie James earned the right to confront Beth Phoenix by merit of winning an amount one contenders equal she won over another onetime champ, Melina Perez.

But irrespective of whom between them Phoenix would confront, it remains a fact that many are not that often excited to view the display. Many demand it is just a buying moment maneuver to look for the real yield of Candice Michelle who seems to be not willing or avoiding risking her whole health. Well who can fault her.

Beth Phoenix

Michelle McCool’s Hot Date


Apparently, care over at SMACKDOWN has been given towards Michelle McCool, the all American. She has been perpetually seen as the spouse of Chuck Palumbo and warm in the eyes of Jaime Noble. While no one can realize why such a spin is being written today, no thanks to a wager between Noble and McCool ended upward leaving the diva having to fulfill that hope. After a departure, Palumbo was angry and still made an atypical garb down of McCool after the match. Somehow, this book has been seen someplace. It included Jackie Gayda and some new diva to which Noble was too the principal human of it all. Could it be the same matter in the works? Well if it is, it will certainly be not go more notification.

Noble has been in the dumps of a bumpy route drive in contest and while he is the new cruiserweight champ, it is possibly impending that the scheme of the entire matter will certainly be circling around him.

Michelle McCool

Mickie James on Rise Once Again


In the light of the deficiency of capable diva gift to offer some ounce of challenge to Beth Phoenix, it is better to move to onetime champions to possibly rescue the sinking ship of the women’s class of the WWE. Mickie James is a registered onetime champ, but her repeated bankruptcy on numerous occasions to wrest the pennant from so champion, Melina Perez, placed her at the backseat. But at the manner things seem now, it seems that James is determined to have another go at it and many are seeing the same.

But the route forward is not simple for Mickie James. Never before has there been a predominant personnel to have the championship belt and Phoenix is merely overpowering the women in her course. There was one deserving opposition, Candice Michelle. However, no thanks to the wound that she suffered at the hand of the glamazon’s tactless acts in the gang, she has been sidelined to this day.

Mickie James

Maria Coming Back


Maria was not competitive in the fight scene recently and it did try a few weeks, she has a lot of training to do before it can step in the most seasoned diva wrestlers. Looking like a diva any woman who would have trouble even the elimination, the fight is something that Maria is to improve at some point if it intends to push his career somewhere. Otherwise, it will be just another vagabond just like some other divas who consoled with supporting roles rather than being in the spotlight.

Outside of the fight, however, Maria focused on learning something that his father was good at. She is training to learn the drums, she has something that is very attached to the control. This course and other routine activities such as lessons have kept her busy when not busy taping for the WWE. This type of gateway to another dimension of what it can do and surely, Maria’s pastime may be useful at some point by the WWE.

Maria Kanellis

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