Introduction of Layla El


Layla El is from Britain, and is a WWE Diva on the Raw brand. Layla’s previous career was as a dancer, having danced for Kanye West. Along with other divas, such as Torrie Wilson, Layla performed for rapper Timbaland’s music video “Throw It On Me” which also features Swedish rock band The Hives.

All about diva Jillian Hall


Jillian Hall from Kentucky is currently performing for WWE under its Raw brand, although her debut was originally made with SmackDown! This lively blonde diva had good preparation for a career in WWE, by training at a professional wrestling school. Jillian is also known for her singing, and released an album last year entitled “A Jingle With Jillian”

Wwe diva Cherry


Kara Drew from New Jersey originally took the handle Cherry Pie, but  dropped the Pie to become Cherry, and is a professional wrestler, and  valet. She trained with Gino Caruso, and made her debut with WWE on  a 2007 edition of SmackDown! She was released from WWE in August  2008.

Wwe diva Candice Michelle


Not only does Candice Michelle perform on WWE’s Raw brand, but she is also the Go Daddy Girl, and has posed for Playboy. Candice recently injured her left shoulder, for the second time, but luckily an operation to repair it has been successful. Keen on sports, Candice has played varsity and college basketball.

Wwe diva Brooke Adams


The amazing Brooke Adams comes from St Louis, Missouri, but moved to  Houston, Texas at the age of seven, with her mother and twin sister. She was  released from WWE in 2007, and now works as a model and dancer. She has an  interesting pet - a five foot long Burmese Albino Ball Python.

Wwe diva Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix, aka “The Glamazon”, is now in her second reign as WWE Women’s  Champion. With a mane of golden hair, trademark dark clothing, and a strong and  determined image, Beth comes from Buffalo, New York, and began wrestling back  in her days at Notre Dame High School in Elmira.

Wwe diva Ashley Massaro


Stunning former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro made her debut in wrestling  when she was declared winner of the Raw Diva Search 2005. Since then  she has been on the cover of Playboy, and taken part in the TV show  “Survivor!”. Originally from New York, blonde, athletic Ashley has  recently moved to California.

I Quit Match between Melina and Phoenix to decide challenger for Mickie James Gold


There is lots of drama going on between two former friends Beth Phoenix and Melina Perez. They have signed a match in which loser of the match will quit from the challenger race for the WWE Women Champion. Now all the attention has shifted from gold to their I Quit match which will be going to happen at One Night Stand.

Beth Phoenix is desperate to get his WWE Women champion title back from Mickie James but her former best friend and another former champion Melina Perez is standing in her way as she also want a shot at WWE Women Championship. So to decide who is the deserving challenger to gold held by Mickie James I Quit match is fixed between Phoenix and Melina. Loser of this match will be out of Women Championship race and winner will face Mickie James.

Mickie James will be happy see both them tearing each other for the title shot. Mickie James will be less worried about who will face her in Championship match as she has upper edge on both of them because she has beaten both of them.

After One night Stand it will be decided who will face Mickie James for the WWE Gold. Once this pay-per-view happens we have to wait and see will Mickie James will be able to retain the title or any other other diva will be new WWE Women Champion?

Melina Perez

Melina Perez halting Beth Phoenix from title shot


Beth Phoenix the former WWE Women champion is still searching out her form to get back to the gold which she had lost to Mickie James But before she get the shot at WWE women championship title her best friend ,Melina Perez is standing in her way.

Melina wants another shot but this is not an easy that with one match we will be able to know who will be challenging Mickie James’s WWE gold. There will be lot of drama and many matches to be played to find out challenger to James.

Both Melina and Phoenix are fighting each other to get title shot if one of them losses then she will not take that insult but she will hit other very hard. With all these happening none of them will ever get a chance for WWE women championship title shot.

Beth Phoenix

WWE Diva Maria Kanellis’s popularity rising day by day


WWE diva Maria Kanellis is becoming popular and popular ever since she has posed for playboy cover girl. Latest addition to make her more popular is that she is in the top 100 sexiest women’s list of FHM.

Maria’s risk of posing for Playboy Cover Girl has paid off and she is step by step rising. She has followed the path of other divas to get popularity in this industry. Other divas like Torrie Wilson, Ashley Massaro and Candice Michelle had also gained stardom with one simple pose.

WWE is also cashing maria’s popularity by placing her in active matches recently. Even though she doesn’t know wrestling skill but what matters the most is popularity. WWE is giving her opportunities because of her popularity as she is having high rating these days but when her popularity chart will be on declining side WWE officials will sideline her, This is what has happened in past with other WWE divas.

WWE Diva Maria Kanellis

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